Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Bash

Well it has been quite the week. We made it though Aubries parties and had a great time! Friday night Kelly and Erin and the girls came to visit and work on the siding. The guys got a bunch done and we are one step closer to being DONE! Saturday we had Aubrie's party in Sheldon. Our plan was to eat pizza, open presents and then go swimming at the outdoor pool in Sheldon. Well for those of you who know me can rest assured that I called and double checked all our stops to make sure everything was in order... well....... little did I realize that when we were done eating and on our way to the pool we would pull in the parking lot only to read a sign that says "We are CLOSED.. --some kid pooped in the pool"!! Are you kidding me... Ok tricia don't panic lets just go to the indoor pool at the Holiday Inn a few blocks away... so our birthday "caravan" loads back up and heads there ... when we arrived the old hag who was working the front counter was a miserable old lady! AHH She was SO rude and unpleasent I couldnt give her our money SO you guessed it on to pool option #3 HOSPERS.. that was the end of our journey.. it cost us 1/2 as much to swim and we literally had the whole pool to ourselves! Fun was had by all.

Dance camp and basketball camp this week will keep us busy.

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Treguboff Family said...

Ha ha! Your schedule got all messed up due to poop! Go figure! Glad you guys had an awesome time. :)